“JUANITA CARE’s work is the quintessence of the avant-garde”.

JUANITA CARE is an independent avant-garde brand of bespoke jewelry and vegan accessories founded in France in 2017. Through a Punk aesthetic and its artistic freedom the brand stands at the intersection between fear and desire, revolt and seduction. It creates pieces that harmonize poetry and reflections on the evolution of bodies.

“We believe that jewelry and accessories are not ornaments, but tools for changing the codes linked to the alienation of bodies in society”.

Quality is at the heart of our concerns. That’s why our pieces are handmade by carefully selected artisans in Mexico. Most of our pieces are unique and made-to-measure. JUANITA CARE’s independent aesthetic has captured the attention of fashion and art lovers worldwide.

Our team is composed of 2 people: the founder and artist Adrien FLORES and his brother Julien STUCK, who handles 3D modeling. The small scale of our team gives us a great deal of creative freedom and involvement in the project. This means we can go beyond the commercial aspect. Our main objective remains to offer our customers pieces that have a story behind them.

Bijoux et accessoires de mode JUANITA CARE "duck tape"

JUANITA CARE: “The mouth, gateway to the soul and the body

“Graduated from the Villa Arson School of Fine Arts in France, I created JUANITA CARE in 2017. This brand allows me to develop jewelry and body prostheses.

The brand’s signature and founding creations are the manufacture of dental jewelry (Grillz). This is my point of entry into the body: the mouth. Curiously perched on the fringe of jewelry, the mouth is both a source of fascination and a taboo. A place of tenderness, anger, sacred hygiene and disease. This is where language is formed, where locution becomes expression. Like all our orifices, the mouth is a gateway to the body’s interior. However, unlike the others, it is visible and public, for all to see, at all times. And yet, it is a place of vulnerability – how often do we put a hand in front of our mouth, in feeble attempts to avoid revealing our inner self to another. Is it any wonder that some cultures regard the mouth as the ideal access to our soul for demons?”

Teeth, a source of inspiration for artist JUANITA CARE

“More incisively, the mouth shelters the teeth, so particular, so different from the rest of our body. Teeth are the hardest material our body makes. They enable us to eat and bite. They reflect our health and our social class. Our teeth are unique, recognizable and allow us to identify the dead. It follows almost naturally from this characteristic of teeth that the majority of my artworks are custom-made. Designed to adapt perfectly to a singular body, they highlight the intimate uniqueness of the wearer. My sculptures and images are in constant dialogue with the body. Ultimately, they are in dialogue with ONE body, its symbols and representations. This allows me to keep the body-object conversation whole.

JUANITA CARE’s creations have attracted the attention of fashion, art and design professionals. They have prompted appearances and interviews in specialist magazines.

As an independent brand from the outset, with a strong aesthetic straddling the visual arts and fashion, JUANITA CARE is a salient exploration of my Franco-Peruvian identity. I discovered fashion after my studies. I found it an interesting environment in which to develop my art. JUANITA CARE gives me the space to experiment with different cultural codes.

Towards innovation and personalized body language

For the future, my vision of JUANITA CARE involves further research into jewelry/prosthetics for other parts of the body. I intend to acquire new skills in standardized production to complement my made-to-measure approach. My intentions, however, remain the same: to make the body and its symbols speak for themselves.»